About Us

Some of us have been riding together since 2007. Richie Rich and White were deployed to Iraq from December 2008 until July 2009. It was in January 2009 when Richie Rich, Boot Strap and Dunamis decided to join a local motorcycle club in Northern Virginia. After researching and looking around at the local clubs there wasn't really one club that offered what all of us were looking for. The main reason was because you had to be a sport bike rider, Harley rider or a touring rider. Between the five of our original members we have more than 18 years of friendship. If we were going to join a club it was going to be together as friends and brothers we did not want to be separated by membership requirements of an established local club. Richie Rich decided to start his own club and who better to start it with than his long time friends. Friends that he already knew he could always count on and that were already family. Hence The Fellas MC was born.

The Fellas was just a logical name for the club. Whenever you're just hanging out with your friends, you're hanging out with The Fellas. Whenever you're going out to a bar, club or a spot, you're going with The Fellas.